Thursday, December 08, 2005

Nationwide Drive to Bring the Troops HOME!

Next Wednesday, December 14, citizens of NJ's 3rd Congressional District will be presenting a petition to our very own voice on Capital Hill, Congressman Jim Saxton at his Mt. Holly office urging him to support a more sensible Iraq-war policy. To this point, Mr. Saxton's position regarding Iraq is very much consistent with that of the White House. It seems pretty clear that the current stragety in Iraq is a bad one, and it's time to take that message to our leaders in Congress.

There is a lot of frustration in my community about the direction of the war. The government's current stragety inspires very little confidence and it's essential that we give our legistlators a wakeup call next Wednesday. And we won't be the only ones! Citizen activists nationwide will also be delivering petitions in their own districts.

Isn't fighting to bring the troops home the same as supporting them? JOIN IN THE FIGHT NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!

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