Thursday, December 01, 2005

AIDS in Africa (top pic) vs. AIDS in USA. Any questions?

Thanks to USNews and World Report for the top pic. And thanks to my boyfriend Greg who took the bottom picture of me this past summer. I think these images together highlight a chilling and shameful disparity. Seems pretty black and white to me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jay,

I know you asked for an image on AIDS in Africa on World AIDS day.
Here is
the image that I found and a description on what it means to me.

Africa as a whole can stop the spread of HIV if it can prevent mother
child natal infection which is only possible if all mothers are tested
on a
regular basis. This photograph speaks to that hope that mothers will
beyond their fears and be tested so that they can protect their
Consider the possibility that a whole new generation will be born HIV

But this will only happen if society and the male power within Africa
themselves to value women and not to demonize them as sexual objects
furthermore to see infected people as loving human beings verses
to fear and to isolate and to eliminate. This I fear is a long time in

This photograph depicts an older orphaned sibling caring for her
brother. Their mother died earlier in 1999 from AIDS. The image below
the HIV test result taken in Kampala at a same day testing center
by USAID. Mothers who have to walk 50 miles in some cases to get
tested -
can wait here at this clinic only an hour for their result. This test
turned blue, indicating that the person tested has the HIV virus.

While this may sound tragic - the hope now is that when a person knows
status - they can take steps and treatment to prevent infection between
mother and child. The hope is a youthful generation born free of HIV.
will the United States support and fully fund this effort?

Here in the United States we are familiar with HIV as a sexually
disease. While this is also true in much of Africa, the fastest and
tragic way population is effected is unknowingly at birth. In many
the children infected at birth do not live past 3 years of age, the
never having been tested. This is truly a genocide in that whole
populations, races of people are being wiped out at birth. As we have
means to prevent this - how can the rich western Nations not be charged
Crimes Against Humanity?

Clearly this can no longer be an economic issue. This is a human issue
whose time has come to resolve.

Peter Lien

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