Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Corzine Taps Menendez for US Senate

Looks like NJ Governor-elect Jon Corzine chose Bob Menendez as his replacement in the Senate. Corzine's choice is an historic one. Menendez will be the first Hispanic (Latino?)to represent NJ as a Senator.
Personally I would have prefered State Senator (and sistah) Nia Gill. Gills appointment would have made her the 2nd black in the Senate (besides Barack Obama. ) As it stands, blacks comprise a mere 1% of senate. Even less if you consider Obama is 1/2 white!
Anyway, the appointment of Menendez is still very much a nod to pregressive sensibilities. Like women and blacks, Latino/as are woefully underrepresented in the upper house of Congress.
As a resident of Cherry Hill NJ, I keep my fingers crossed. I don't necessarily see Menendez-as-Senator as a bad thing, yet somehow i can not escape the feeling that this business of political appointments seems dubious, at best.


Sandwich Repairman said...

Actually, the Senate is only 1% black. Before Obama's election, there was no black senator for 6 years.

jay lassiter said...

thanks for the correcting SANDWICH REPAIRMAN. you are right, it is 1%.
duly noted!

Anonymous said...

Blacks do not compromise 1% of congress, rather they comprise.