Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cracker with a Heart of Gold

Catchy title huh? It should be. I made it up. It's actually the title of my life story, should it ever be made into a movie. Normally I don't sit around and muse such self-absorbed notions as "what would the name of the movie about your life be" but the question was put to me in an interview I did with the Film Experience Blog.

An exerpt:
Nathaniel: They make a movie of your life. Who plays you? Who directs? What's the title? Rating?

Jay: In the movie about my life, I'll be played by someone handsome like Jude Law. Pam Grier would play my alter ego "Cookie Puss Johnston." No I'm not a drag queen, maybe just a teensy bit schizophrenic. Spike Lee would direct and the movie would be called "Cracker with a Heart of Gold."

As you can see, they even photoshop'ed a cool movie poster for "Cracker" which I just love. So go check out Nathaniel's blog and read the whole interivew. He is clearly a movie afficianado and his blog reflects his love for all things cinema.

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