Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday's Jersey News

If you haven't checked out the NY Times today, you're missing some good reading. In fact, the Gray Lady spilled a lot of ink on the Garden State in the current edition and it's worth a read.

Let's start in Asbury Park. Still much beloved, although more for memories than for the here-and-now, Asbury Park is in a painful transition that seems to be evolving kinda like a slow-motion nervous break down. This is no longer the funky hamlet were Springstein and Bon Jovi cut their musical teeth, but a spot with "potential." The tension that exists between the different visions for the venerable shore town are just exquisite. And exciting. I reckon if the gays continue to gentrify, Asbury Park could possibly morph into the next Provincetown. I guess we can dare to dream.

The Times also does a good synopsis of the bitch-slapping between the NJ Senate campaigns. If it smells like it's getting meaner out there, don't worry. Your nose is not failing you.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the Times "Week in Review" for NJ.

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