Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Karl Rove Strikes in NJ

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Wondering what Karl Rove is doing as election day draws near?? Aparently he's found a place in New Jersey, plying his twisted craft on behalf of Republican Senatorial Candidate Tom Kean Junior in an attempt to oust Democratic incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez. Just last week Rove was in the area at a big-dollar fundraiser for Junior.

(You may remember the podcast interview I did with Sen. Menendez about the Iraq War. He was one of the few leaders in Congress who voted against Bush's War calling it a "war of choice from" from Day 1.)

Anyway, campaign staffers from the republican side are posing as democrats to spam progressive blogs here in NJ. Their twisted logic is that the big media outlets will pick up the story that "liberals" are doubting their Senator on some B.S. trumped up "ethics" charges. The mastermind? The slur-meister himself, Karl Rove. The Republicans are so desperate to retain control of the Sentate that they'll do anything to win. Yeah, I know. Stop the press!!

My other site, BlueJersey is the biggest liberal blogsite in the state. We have aparently become so big over there that the Kean Jr. campaign is making our site ground zero in the battle for this all-important Senate seat. In a way it's flattering that his top campaign staffers are paying us so much attention, we traced all the questionble posts back to Junior's campaign HQ, afterall!! But flattery gives way to disgust and anger when I realize that Karl Rove's ugly ways landed straight in my lap.

How on earth did a nice southern boy like me wind up in the middle of New Jersey politics?

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