Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lassiter's Dayglow Tribute to a Tennis Legend

When Andre Agassi lost his 3rd round match at the U.S. Open the other day, it was truly the end on a era.
Many tennis fans (and non-tennis fans alike) are marking with retirement of legend Andre Agassi (top pic) with a melancholy and a nostalgic look-back. Let's face it, the guy's career lasted an astonishing twenty-one years... all the way back to 1985.

What were you doing in 1985?

James Blake (a top American star with a world ranking of #6) offered up a tribute that harkened back to Agassi's infamous "Image is Everything" days of 1990...

In case you're wondering, that pink dayglow look was inspired by Agassi back in 1990.

Which made me think of my senior year on th varsity tennis team at Great Mills High School (were I was the MVP I'll admit immodestly)Judging from that picture I weighed in at about 125 pounds, soaking wet. Maybe so, but we sure did dominate that year, no doubt thanks to Andre's fashion inspirations.

~~ ~~ ~~

It's worth nothing that Andre Agassi is a staunch Democrat. Since 2000, he has contributed nearly $1oo,ooo to left-leaning candidates running for election. When asked at a tournament in Spain who he would be supporting in the 2004 Presidental election, he offered this reply, "Well, me, I'm voting for Kerry for sure. And I wish everybody would."

Hopefully, he'll be running for office one day, maybe in his homestate of Nevada. In the meantime I think we can all agree that tennis' elder statesman deserves some time off with his family.

I'll miss you Andre!! And so will millions of fans across the globe.

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