Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tom Foolery

Governor Corzine and Senator Lautenberg held a press conference in Newark this morning to call Tom Kean Junior on his recent campaign nincompoopery. It's become hard to know where to start with Junior, given his lowball tactics -- but the gist of the press conference was this: Kean Jr.'s campaign has stooped to an all time low (even by GOP standards) in sleaze. And while Junior's campaign reaches deeper and deeper into the gutter to try to win the election, issues that are important to New Jerseyans (stem cell research, the Iraq mess, college tuition, et al) are being completely ignored by Junior and his ever-growing roster of sleaze marchants, as Sen. Lautenberg pointed out.

A closer look at the lineup of guttersnipes currently shilling for Junior is jaw-dropping. First up there is Bob Janiszewski -- aka prisoner #25038-050 -- who's currently serving a 41 month federal prison sentence for tax evasion and taking $1oo,ooo in bribes. This dirt ball has taken time out of his busy schedule making liscense plates to advise Junior's campaign.

Next, there's Dr. Oscar Sandoval. When Sandoval is not drugging and seducing his patients, he's bribing officials (with cash and Viagra) to get big money contracts. In fact, Hudson County is currently suing Sandoval in an effort to recover over $7,ooo,ooo for contracts he secured through bribery.

Next in the lineup is Chris Lyon. You may even remember this goon's handiwork from elections past. In 2000, the NH attorney general found that Lyon had broken state laws by "orchestrating a smear campaign of anonymous postcards and phone calls accusing his opponent's wife of being an active member of a cult that advocates adults and children have orgasims as a means of reaching inner peace." This stunt was described by GOP strategist David Carney as "the lowest, most despicable attack ever launched in a New Hampshire political campaign." Now Christopher Lyons is working for Junior's campaign producing a swiftboat-style video smearing Sen. Menendez and all of Hudson County.

Finally, we have Larry Giancola. When Larry isn't busy hating on gays and blacks, he's working as Junior's newest spokesmodel. Hard to believe that Junior's campaign picked "little man Larry" to roleplay as a democrat when this guy's hateful history is well chronicled in the Bergen Record, courtesty of his own letters to the editor. Don't believe me? Google this clown and see for yourself.

In conclusion, Tom Kean Junior is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to score victory. He's advoiding real issues like Iraq and the economy to focus on a smear campaign. Have you ever heard Junior talking about the war or health insurance or college tuition or any other substantative issue? Yeah me neither.

As Senator lautenberg pointed out, "the sourse of (Kean Jr's) assertions tells you about the value of it." And with sources like the ones described, it's clear that Tom Kean Junior is no better than the scumbags he's using on his campaign.

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