Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gay Marriage in the Garden State, an update

The New Jersey Supreme Court session is winding down. Fast. In fact, on Oct 26th our esteemed Chief Justice, the Honorable Doborah T. Poritz turns seventy. Judges here in the Garden State retire at 70. So sometime between now and, ummm, Tuesday all the cases in the hopper will be decided. This includes the Gay Marriage ruling. Hard to believe that after all this time waiting the decision is upon us any minute now. You've been warned.

Arguments were heard back in February. (I was there, read here)

It's also hard to believe that I may have the right to marry at any time. Or maybe not, who knows. Living in sin is cool too, so long as it's a choice. All I know is this: one way or another, we'll get word real soon.

For the whirlwind of events surrounding the ruling, check out Garden State Equality's website!

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