Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brokeback Congress

I am so busy with life and the upcoming election. It's too bad that as the campaign season hits its highest gear, I am in perpertual motion every waking hour and have no time to blog. But I'm not complaining. I am right where I want to be. But I do miss posting (nearly) every day here on Lassiter Space, and I especially miss interacting with the readers. ho hum. Come November 8th, I'll be back in business. Full time. Hopefully that will be the first day of a new Democratic majority in Congress.

Looks like the rest of the blogosphere is carrying on okay in my absence. Lots of good stuff all over the place. First of all, there's my buddy Mike Rogers whose made a career out of exposing secretly gay republican lawmakers. I'm gay so naturally I have no problem with gay Congressmen, but when they spend their days trying to strip me of my civil rights, only to have gay sex by night then it's a problem. The latest closet case to be exposed was Idaho republican Congressman Larry Craig. So much for the party of family values. Just ask Congressman Craig's wife, poor dear. Speaking of which, I hope this pervert didn't bring any nasty diseases home to the little lady.

Kudos to Mike for busting this guys balls before he could do any more damage. Let's face it, living a lie makes it hard to play fair and be honest. If a Congressman sees homophobia as being politically expediant, well that's on them. But to turn around and pay male escorts for sex and it's clear that it's hypocracy run amok in Washington.

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