Saturday, August 05, 2006

What's hot (or not) in Blog-topia!

So much good stuff going on this weekend in Blog-topia this weekend, I don't really know where to begin....

  • Ok, I'll start with the bad news: The psudo-Christians of the radical right hate gay people. Yeah, it's an old tune, but with a horrifying new spin. Mike Tidmus and Wayne Besen decribe the increasingly inflamatory rhetoric aimed as me and my gay brothers and sisters. They are committed to our destruction. Tidmus:
    Forget those Ten Commandments. Just say whatever it takes to salvage the cause of fading right-wing christerism. Make up any old shit in a vain attempt to defeat marriage equality, which is slowly but inevitably gaining traction in the US.
  • My friend Pam guestblogged over at Rudepundit about the obsession religious conservatives have with gay sex. It almost makes you think that some of the most homophobic zealots out there are actually repressed closet cases. It's gross but fascinating. Check it out ASAP!

  • For politics junkies like me, the race of the season is defintitely the Connecticut democratic primary between incumbent (and Bush-smoocher) Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont who is the darling of the liberal blog-o-shere. The election is Tuesday, but Democrats are flocking to Connecticut in droves to be a part of the finale. This race could define the future of the Democratic party. Stay tuned, things are getting ugly. And it's fabulous!! I might head up to Bridgeport or New Haven on Sunday to canvass and phone bank. It all depends on how my achilles rupture is feeling that day. It's worth repeating: this race is to political geeks what the Superbowl is to football fans.

  • New Jersey is a step closer to universal health care for Garden State residents. Let's hope we get it soon. Universal health care is good public policy and a great investment. I have no doubt that if we all had health care, a shitload of money would be saved in the long run. I am baffled that republicans care so much about the well being of a fetus and so little about the health of a...person.

  • Finally, Maya's Granny shares a story about the good old days when she was a wee one at her Grandpa's almond orchard in California. I love Grany 'cuz she always has such a sweet and smart and sensitive take on life. Her commentary is laced with love, experience and most of all heart. It makes me miss my grandparents and all the little anecdotes that they had to share.
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