Monday, August 14, 2006

NJ News Roundup, Monday August 14

  • As New Jersey lawmakers move to cut property taxes, many (including myself) wonder if legislators will put their own publicly funded pensions under the knife to help cut taxes. Personally I doubt an end of the "Trenton double dip" is gonna solve our budget crisis, but it sure would go a long way towards ending the cynicism many of us feel at our legislator's inability to do anything about propTaxes.

  • More proof taxpayers are not getting a lot of bang for their police buck in Hoboken. Aparrently, some cops were not even showing up for their (night) shifts!! A fourteen-month (!) investigation led to a slap on the wrist for most parties involved which makes me wonder how if such "investigations" are cost-prohibitive.

  • The casualty count in Iraq continues to mount. As of this morning, the war in Iraq has claimed the lives of 2,601 Americans, including forty-four souls from our Fair State. Have you noticed no one seems to be talking about Iraq anymore? On that front, it's nice to see a concert for peace is planned for this Friday in Cherry Hill. This event also includes a potluck supper and a chance for local activists to come together and plot their next move in their quest for peace.

  • Will gays in New Jersey be allowed to marry? The answer could be coming out of Trenton real soon. Maybe any day now... We already know the religious right is gearing up for their post-announcement organizing campaign. Nice to see Garden State Equality has organized some events to galvanize our site as well.

  • On an infinitely lighter note, the Garden State is the audition site for next season's American Idol. Word has it NJ Transit has increased train service to the Meadowlands (site of the tryouts) to accommodate the thousands of aspiring stars. If you're dying to get on FOX and you can carry a tune, this may be your big break.

  • If I am missing something please weigh in with your comments. Have a good week everyone!

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