Wednesday, July 19, 2006

From Israel with Love

Isn't it about time we start to ask ourselves if the Israelis are really the sympathetic character of the mid-east conflict? The US Government is quick to blame any- and everyone under the sun, Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Iraq, etc. And yet it's still taboo to question Israel and the Zionist war machine. Better to keep quite than to be accused of anti-Semitism.

Take a look at these pictures of young Israeli children signing their names on bombs bound for Lebanon!!

James at Genius of Insanity points out the obvious:
Look at the glee on the faces of these girls. What kind of message does this reinforce in these children?? Hate, that's what. Allowing children to sign messages of hate on bombs meant for Lebanon is actively watering the seed of hate in the next generation. Surely these young children were encouraged to sign these bombs and that is disgusting. How did these children find their way into the zone of the military? It appears that they were purposefully brought in for the signing. And if they DID come on their own (possibly by their parents) why were they not turned away?? Especially since military installations are dangerous places during a time of war!!! Such lack of concern for their lives and fragile, impressionable minds!!! Children learn hate from adults.
Kvatch at Blognonomous asks another obvious question:
One wonders if these girls know that these bombs may kill little Christian girls, little Muslim girls, in short little girls just like them?
And then, a bit more sarcastically asks,
"If you don't die, how about a play date?"
This is way too gruesome to contemplate for very long, but it's worth a minute or two of consideration.

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