Saturday, July 15, 2006

The birds the bees and all that good stuff.....

It's been a terrible week for the economy, although George Bush would have you believe otherwise. Consider this: on Janaury 21, 2001 the Dow Jones Industrial Average opened at 10,732.46 Later that day, George Bush was sworn in as President. As I write this, the market is at 10,721.82. Well done, Mr. CEO President. My IRA and 401(k) thank you. So does my gas tank. And my saving account. And my lack of health insurance. Oy, I could go on and on and on.

So, how's your economy going?
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Pam at the House Blend has an interesting piece about San Fransisco mayor (and mega-hottie) Gavin Newsom. Gavin is a big reason that the republicans want San Fransisco to fall into the Pacific. I, on the other hand am proud that folks like him are in positions of power.
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On a totally scandalous and thoroughly dramatic front, my new friend Julie's blog has a story about reconnecting with the father she never know she had. Actually it's more of an operetta. In three acts. Miss Julie's story has everything in the book: drama, comedy, tragedy, mystery, 1980's hair, and finally redemption. Go ahead and check it out and laugh at Julie's retro fashions and remember some of your own 80's styling choices. (part 2 and part 3)
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Finally, Dan over at Blinq blog offers up this gem on the infamous World Cup headbutt. If you're unsatisfied with the explanations from the players themselves, check out Dan's list of alternative explanations and conspiracy theories, complete with a Lego recreation of the incident. (P.S. Dan if you're reading this, I wonder who do I have to sleep with to get on your blogroll?)


J said...

Wow, Jay, thanks for the mention! I'm honored! And yeah, the hair. And I looked so young...sigh.

Love the pic of the lego guys. Too funny.

Newsome is a hottie. Love him. Love the storis of the marriages that were performed, and I hope he can accomplish his other big goals...bringing down the murder rate in the rougher neighborhoods (almost all young black males killing each other...), and health coverage for all in the city. Wow.

My economy sucks, thanks for asking. Last time I had a raise? 2000. Maybe I need a new job.

Granny said...

I thought that must be J. you were talking about. Wonderful story.

David E. Patton said...

Funny picture. Wow what toys are up to these days.

Anonymous said...

I have vaguely heard bits and pieces of a head-butt. I admit I know nothing about it, but is the sexual position of the Legos intentional?

Anonymous said...

Newsom definitely has some cojones, but we need to keep it in perspective. Mayor Gavin does not have the kind of influence with the City Council he needs to get the universal health care initiative through. Where he excels is with bold actions that don't require him to work with the council. The gay marriage initiative was undertaken entirely by the mayor's office and the executive departments. His review of AT&T's city contracts in light of the spying revalations is another of these.

Just speaking as a resident of Sodom by the Sea.