Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bits and pieces 'round the Blog-o-sphere

The lesbians rule Wimbledon (again) and this year's champ is Amelie Mauresmo of France. We'll see if Madameoiselle Mauresmo inspired her countrymen to win soccer's Wold Cup finale later today. Who are you picking to win? France or Italy?
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A lot of going on over at my other blog, BlueJersey. Check out this op-ed piece (written by the head of NJ's ACLU) about the abuse of power and warrentless spying by the Whitehouse. While you're over at BlueJersey check out our intrepid reporting on the NJ budget madness and its consequences.
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Speaking of consequences, XpatriatedTexan takes a peek into Bush's "stay the course" drivel. Remember ladies and gents, our president was too chickenshit to got to war himself, but has no problem sending your sons and daughters to fight and die.
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Are you a Dave Chappelle fan? My boy Bacon went to his live show the other night and was underwhelmed. Why's that Bacon? Do miss the days when before Dave Chappelle became DAVE CHAPPELLE? Back then, he was a rising comic genius. Now, he’s the embittered megastar misanthrope — out of touch, with no sense of perspective? Well tell me about it, BITCH!!!!
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Finally, Mary Scott at My Left Wing warns us that something smells rotten in blogland. Blogging is such a new medium but is quickly emerging as a powerful political force. So suddenly there's clout within the blog-o-sphere. And with clout comes accountability. Mary Scott's advise: You want accountability? Don't engage in unaccountable activities. Duh.

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just read your HIV-VIP... mine runs just like that... no muss, no fuss... it wasn't always so easy... but alas, with the new program, it's better... for me anyway... dbv