Saturday, July 29, 2006

Free Drugs and everyone gets laid!

Howdy and happy Saturday. A lot going on around the blog-o-sphere and I want to share a sampling.....

Over at my other blog, BlueJersey, we have two of our US Congressmen from NJ sounding off about the failure of Bush's environmental AND energy policy. Chances are, your summer electricity bill has arleady clued you into this relaity. If not, go fill up your gas tank and recall the Clinton days when gas was around a dollar a gallon. Wasn't the Iraq war supposed to make gas cheaper?

Meanwhile the big oil companies are rolling in the juices of their own largesse with no discernable plan to develop alternative sources of energy that don't trash the environment. And yes, you read that right: I have US Congressmen guest-blogging on my other site. Maybe I am doing something right afterall?
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Pam at the Houseblend talks about why Lance Bass' coming out matters to the gay community. Personally, I am thrilled -- and just a little jealous of the happy couple's fame, riches and hotness. But mostly happy for them. Besides, Lance and I have something in common: a thing for German/Americans from Wisconsin- both our partners are named "Lehmkuhl."
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On a much heavier note, Media Matters asks "Are we living in the last days?" Aparently, all this madness going on in the Middle East is music to the ears of fundamentalists "Christians" who regard the conflict as the sign of a Second Coming. Be afraid, be very afraid.

While I'm on the topic of religious fanatics, Mark at Spittle&Ink asks what it would be like if the Ten Commandments were the law of the land. To which I reply, "If the the fundamentalists wanna live in a theocracy so goshdarn bad, GO LIVE IN IRAN!"
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Fifth Column blogger Schadenfreude quit smoking cigarettes about 209 days ago. No word yet if he's still smoking pot. But one thing is for sure, as a black man in America, he has enough to worry about without getting lung cancer. Still -- with the rapture coming and all -- he wonders, what am I saving myself from?
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Proof that the right-wing goofballs do not have a monopoly on religion, the former Arch-Bishop of the NJ Episcopal Church sends a message of hope to Gays and Lesbians in New Jersey. We should know any day now if gays can marry here in the Garden State. It nice to have the bishop on our side of this one.

I have to say, if the homo-bigots in Washington (you know, the ones who make Gay issues a "thing" every election day?) had any idea just how hurtful their mean-spirited politicking can be, I truly believe they'd stop doing it. In case you're wondering, I am gay and yes it hurts.
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Last but not least, Dan at Blinq explains why massaging the German Chancellor makes perfect sense. This was the funnies tidbit I saw all week, so go watch. Rinse, later, repeat.

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