Saturday, January 21, 2006

What Superhero are YOU? (I'm the Flash!)

Click here to take the Superhero personality test!
*Fast, Athletic, Flirty

Green Lantern-----70%
Wonder Woman----54%
Iron Man-----------48%
Cat Woman---------31%

Those numbers seem about right for me. I've always loved the Flash& Spiderman and was pretty ambivilant about Batman. I'm glad to see that I am 14% more of a "Superman" than "Supergirl." (Not that there's anything wrong with Supergirl. Now that i think about it, why isn't she called Superwoman?)
How does your personality profile translate into the Superhero world?


emma said...

hey that;s kinda kool, i did kinda just get bak frm school and my teacher did say at some point that percentages are supposed to add up to 100, but what ever.i myself am 57% Robin, and 50% catwoman, (pretty kool), i would have rather been super women tho

Nordette Adams said...

This looks like a test I should take. LOL. Thanks for dropping by with your encouraging comments, Jay, over at NJ Spoken Word. As for the music, you need to use an embed code. embed src="name_of_file.mp3" autoplay="false" autostart="false" loop="false" width="220" height="20" I like to include a close embed code which is /embed.

Enclose your code in brackets. :-)

The autostart/autoplay/loop/volume/width/height values may all be changed by you according to your needs. Width and height determine the size of the media player. You can get more complicated and add the status bar, etc., but I don't think you're interested in that yet. :-)
"Unbreakable" by Alicia Keys at MTV. *smiles*

Intrepid Liberal Journal said...

I was always partisan to Green Lantern. The real dilemma is whom would I rather date: Wonder Woman, Cat Woman or Super Girl? Something to ponder.

Sharon GR said...

Superman, baby!