Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On Easter, Bonnets and Gay Men’s Baskets

(Vince at Welcome To My Truth Reports)--
I usually don’t do much to celebrate Easter. I don’t go to Mass. I don’t hunt for eggs. I don’t reflect on the image of a crucified Jesus coming back from the dead to save my soul. Like most holidays, I usually spend Easter alone on the couch with my three remote controls and a plethora of viewing options.

But this year, I've decided to hop a plane to Washington D.C. and join the pastel merrinment on the White House lawn for the annual Easter Egg Roll.

Now before you get all up in arms and denounce me as a Bush-loving super Christian, let me explain. This year gay rights organizations are urging gays and lesbians to bring their children to partake in the patriotic fun of the religious holiday. In doing so, gay rights leaders are hoping to show the White House that these families are no different from the stuffy Republican families who will undoubtedly show up in droves.

And I plan to be there.

Can’t you just see it? I’ve already got the perfect pink ensemble picked out, complete with lace, ruffles and a very elegant Easter bonnet. Besides, I’m a sucker for rolling eggs. Especially if gay men and their baskets are involved.


Vince said...

Thanks for the repost, my friend! Feel free to link me anytime!


Moonbeam said...

Hey Jay- that is a GREAT idea!! It will be so amusing to see the horrified expressions of all the yuppie Republicans when flamboyant queers show up in droves!!
BTW, check out this article: http://buffalobeast.com/91/50.htm it's called "The 50 Most Loathsome People in America 2005", and I thought that you would appreciate it :-)

crallspace said...

Wow. If you really are doing that, that's awesome! It will undoubtedly create negative feelings in the already-close minded dicks, but will be an inspiration nonetheless to so many more.

You should also plant White House-esque eggs around the yard, with pictures of Rove that say "Treason" and Bush that says "Dummy."

(I feel like the NSA is spying on me right now...)