Monday, January 23, 2006

Reasons I Love New Jersey

A work in progress.
(Feel free to add your reasons, too. Constructive criticism welcome)

Asbury Park & Sandy Hook
These are my favorite spots at the Jersey Shore. Asbury Park (of Springsteen fame) has seen better days, but's no question it's on the way back. This beachtown has a funky, progressive tenor that's hard to resit, the first time I visited I felt at home. Any town with a lesbian mayor gets my vote. *( Ashbury Park's "beach cam")

Sandy Hook gets the nod because here's a beach where you can hang out naked & smoking pot with a view of the Manhattan skyline. Nuff said?

Full Service Gas
Most folks don't know this but in NJ there's some rule prohibiting self-service at the gas station. So we get full service treatment at self-service prices. What can be cooler that that? I think gas stations do this for insurance purposes, but whatever the reason it's real easy to get spoiled, especially in winter. The last time I had to pump my own gas out-of-state I had no idea what I was doing. It was then I realized how soft I've become.

Location and More Location
I live about fifteen minutes from Philly, 1 1/2 hours from New York City, 2 hours from DC, and an hour from the shore. If you're a day-tripper like I am, you see why NJ is perfect.

Progressive Politics
Our Governor and both US Senators all are Democrats. Additionally, both houses of state government enjoy a comfortable liberal majority. More importantly, the people here tend to celebrate progressive values and ideals. Don't like it liberal? Hey, there's always room in Texas!


Vince said...

We can't pump our own gas in Oregon either. I hate it.


Kiss My Mike said...

I also like the Seafood Festival in Belmar...

Irishcoda said...

Yeah, I'm spoiled on NJ full service gas stations. Not long ago, we took our son to college in upstate NY and along the way stopped for gas in the pouring rain. It really sucked to have to get out of the car!!!!!

I love the beach too but usually don't notice the houses. You can't help but see the gorgeous painted ladies in Cape May. I love it there!

Krystal said...

Funny, I seemed to have found all the scenic places in NJ overrun by trash.