Monday, January 09, 2006

Under Alito, Rights are FINITO!!!

Last night's so called 'Justice Sunday' event was the latest attempt by the radical rightwing to impose their fundamentalist religious views onto the judicairy. With Sam Alito's Supreme Court comfirmation hearings scheduled to begin today in Washington DC, the Bush Administration is attempting to get a head start on the debate. Last night's event at an evangelical Baptist church in North Philly was the latest example of the right wing of the Republican Party trying to formulate its domestic agenda based on their fundamentalist religious ideologies. I should add that the service was broadcast to evangelical churches nationwide. So if you think the fundamentalists aren't deadly serious about imposing their morals on the rest of us, THINK AGAIN! Judging by what I saw, the rightwingers can try all the want to cast Alito is a positive light, but all their efforts prove is that it's impossible to polish a turd.

The idea of Sam Alito on the Supreme Court scares me. Here is a guy who has spent 15 years on the Federal Appeals Court in Philly making it his business to erode the civil liberties of Americans like me. Not only is he anti-choice, anti-affirmative action, and (most importanly to me) an unapologetic homophobe, but he has a proven track record that favors government authoritarianism. Here is a man who, in over 3oo written opinions, has never found government intrusion unconstitutional. Alito's record also indicated he supports expanding presidential power. As if Bush weren't already overreaching, as highlighted by his domestic spying policies.

While an A-list of hatemongers (including Jerry Falwell and Sen. Rick Santorum among others) was inside spewing their usual twisted brand of "compassionate conservatism" the real action was outside on the street. On a gorgeous winter night with temps in the 40's, a coalition of progressive organizations took over several blocks of Broad Street surrounding the church. I was among the protesters and it was apparent to me that our movement is gathering steam. In a nutshell, our message is if we wanted to live in a nation rooted in religious fanaticism, then we'd move to Iran!! According to one fellow protester's sign, "Universal healthcare is a family value, too!" Another sign said simply, "Pray for Common Ground!" Amen to that sister, although I suspect that neither side is in the mood to be pragmatic at this point. Such is the sad state of politics in the country. Thanks especially to Bush's policy, the country is more polarized than ever.

Halfway through the protest, ACT UP stopped the show (and traffic, I might add) with their grand entrance complete with torches, drums, and whistes. When it come to civil disobediance with a dramatic flair, no one does it better than ACT UP!!! Their message was an assult on Bush's healthcare and AIDS policies. According to an ACT UP member, a lifetime confirmation of Sam Alito to the Supreme Court would ensure Bush's hateful legacy of bad healthcare policy, long after Bush is out of the Whitehouse.

I have been to dozens of protests during the Bush Administration and I have to say that last night was an eye opener. I noticed that people are finally starting to get really really pissed at the direction this country is taking. Folks are so mad that activists are having a much easier time organizing these types of events. I also noticed that when folks drive past and honk their support, it's not just a 'toot-toot,' rather they are laying on the horn and frenetically pumping their fists in support. I know support is growing against Bush (and by extention, Alito) and I can say this for sure because last night I experienced it for myself. As a committed activist who is in it for the long haul, I take great comfort and encourgement from what I saw last night on the streets of Philadelphia.
Thanks to my pal Monique for the cool picture above. To check out more pics of the event, check out her site and see for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Why don't you start posting on the murder rate in Philadelphia? It is out of control and the liberal run city is not doing anything about it except for some minor lip service. Since you are from the area, start local and once you have fixed Philadelphia, then go on to Washington...

albert said...

i was there too!

Anonymous said...

As my mother used to say to me
"You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, why don't you write this blog about whatever Mr Anonymous wants you to write about? You selfish bastard!

royce said...

judge alito, if your wife was raped [god forbid] by a black man with aids, would you want your wife to keep the baby? in your world surrounded with guards and 20 foot fences, this probably wont happen to you! WE on the other hand have no guards or 20 foot fences! who the hell are you to tell us we must have a child, weither it be by your husban, or the rapest, you must give birth! i tell you what sammy, YOU take the babys born by rape! open a dam day care! thats right, your wife is not emotionally fit! imagine her having a black baby! and by your law< she must keep it!! is bush looking in you daughters window?? o ya, you dont mind! WELL WE DO!!!!!

Chip said...

I have to say I disagree with virtually everything you say on your blog.


I am amazed how Judge Alitos record can be so misrepresented. If you spent even a little time researching his ACTUAL record, instead of relying on sources who seek to deny his appointment, you will find a very different record.

Whether you like it or not, the same with Sen. Kennedy and the other hysterical left, the standard for appointment is simple. The Senators agreed to not oppose unless a substantial fact arises. There has been nothing to oppose the appointment. If political ideology were the issue, Ginsburg would have never been appointed, EVER!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, our country is pretty much divided up into 2 different camps - both sides claiming the "other side" is the cause of our country's problems. I could be wrong, altough I doubt it, the reality is that BOTH parties are equally to blame for the social and economical discord in our country. My only fear is that a second civil-war is closer than most people think. Once reason and common sense are thrown out the door all hell is going to break lose.

God save us all!