Monday, April 23, 2007

New Jersey Tidbits

Did the state trooper driving Corzine have a particularly long day leading up to the crash? Was he distracted by an email to his Blackberry at the time of the crash? And *most importantly, will this time off for recovery allow the Governor a unique position to focus of policy?

The latest on the ugly saga of Wayne Bryant. Anyone out there wish to see his fellow Democrats in Trenton lean on Bryant to resign? And now that he's not running for reelection, what will become of all that campaign cash?

Jim Saxton thinks a deadline for bringing troops home is a mistake and wants to give Bush (yet) more time for the "surge" to play out to its conclusion. I guess his political masters in the Whitehouse still have ol' Jimbo by the balls.

Victims of last weeks floods wait for Bush to react. With the Iraq and his beleagured Attorney General to contend with, one gets the feeling little ol' New Jersey isn't very high on his to-do list. For many in NJ, the hard part of picking up the pieces begins now.

New Jersey celebrated Earth Day ove the weekend. This gal sure is in the spirit. What are you doing to get greener? (Here are some central NJ-inspired tips)

If I missed something, let us know. This is an openthread so fire away.

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