Monday, April 23, 2007

My other Blog goes BIGTIME!

After a year and a half of breaking ground and building up a formidible progressive netroots here in the Garden State, BlueJersey found itself at a crossroads. And so we reached out to our readers for some guidance. (Thanks to everyone who filled out our recent survey, by the way.) You told us what you like best and likewise gave us great suggestions for improvement, as well.

I suspect if we knew how compelling the feedback was gonna be, we might have done it sooner. An overwhelming majority of you (over 90%) want to see more original news posts, especially breaking news. And with that the choice of how to take Blue Jersey to the next level became a whole lot easier.

So here's the plan: in addition to some asthetic changes -- a little spring cleaning to freshen up the look of the joint -- Blue Jersey now has its own Statehouse correspondent to keep an eye and ear on what's going on in the capitol. So from now on, when something goes down in Trenton, you'll know about it because we'll be there taking plenty of notes. On the record of course. We believe this arrangement -- a fully-credentialed blogger covering the statehouse beat -- is truly revolutionary. This may even be a first for the progressive blogosphere.

Hopefully it won't be long before there are bloggers in every statehouse in the nation. And when that happens, we can say we blazed the trail.

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