Tuesday, March 06, 2007

uploading pics, text to follow

These pics (click to enlarge) are from the Garden State Equality Legends dinner where me and my blogmates (see bottom pic) picked up an award for our liberal activism. We've been on quite a streak of great legislative and electional success this year in New Jersey. Victories include: a state minimum wage hike, a death penalty moritorium, civil unions for gays and lesbians, needle exchange to combat HIV, protections for transgendered New Jerseyans, and on and on. See, I told you I was a liberal!! (And a very proud one I might add.) Anyway, we bloggers were at the heart of all those movements and that's why we got the award.

The guest list was a starstudded one: gay comedien Judy Gold was emcee and the crowd included Gov. Mario Cuomo, Congresscritters Tammy Baldwin and Dennis Kucinich, Mayor Corey Booker and Ambassador James Hormel and others. Fancy, indeed. Hence, the monkey suit.

Greg snapped the first pic when I was not expecting it. It's my tendancy to mug goofyness for the camera, as the second shot so beautifully demonstrates.

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