Monday, November 06, 2006

Democrat Rich Sexton is my choice for Congress in NJ-3

It was a busy Sunday in NJ-3 yesterday as the Rich Sexton juggernaut took its message to the streets in a "Bus for change" whistlestop tour of the district. Nothing beats boots on the ground and the bus tour provided the Sexton campaign with a terrific opportunity to connect with district voters.

Our first stop was a pancake breakfast in Willingboro that was a who's who of NJ progressive politics. Senator Menendez was there (see pic of the Senator with Rich and his team. that's me in the tan vest and the grin. click to enlarge) and so were Congressman Andrews and Assemblyman Herb Conaway. They were pressing their message to the party faithful to get out an vote. Judging from the response, the politicians were hitting all the right notes.

From there, the bus tour headed up route 130 and hit every strip mall we could find. I must confess our efforts were aided in large part to the Eagles having a bye week. Folks were not clammoring to get home to watch the game, rather they were out shopping with their families and enjoying a sunny, mild fall afternoon. Anyway, the Eagles' week off was our gain and we made the most of the opprotunity by connecting with hundreds of voters in the area. (Hopefully the Eagles will make the most of thier time off too, as they look to regroup from a mediocre start.)

I know first hand the benefits of such campaigning. I personally passed out about 150 pieces of literature and was delighted how eager folks were to chat politics. Folks are sick of the lousy economy, sick of Iraq, sick of the GOP. In short, we are ready for change and many regard Rich Sexton is just the man for the job.

I couldn't agree more and I am not the only one. Ocean County Observer observed that Rich is "the most impressive congressional hopeful we have seen in years. We enthusiastically support Rich Sexton." Click the link to read the entire ringing endorsement which also give the nod to Senator Menendez and Carol Gay.

(image courtesy of Asbury Park activist Kathy Maher)

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