Thursday, July 26, 2007

Living Green is a Regional Thing

A Fascinating story came over the airwaves today via National Public Radio that's worth sharing. As you all know, Jon Corzine recently signed the Global Warming Response Act into law. Since this bold move by our state is a collaboration with other (blue) states here in the Northeast, it's worth updating what's been going on regionally.

It's also worth underscoring that these initiatives are in lieu of the anemic Federal response to climate change. Frankly, treehuggers and wonks alike agree that a national strategy would be best. But since the Bush Administration is too preoccupied with fags, flags and fetuses to bother with OO2 emissions, regional initiatives will have to do. For now.

This radio short checks up with an environmentalist and a power plant exec from our own PSE&G about the preparations for the upcoming transition.

The Northeast region of the United States is the world's seventh biggest emitter of climate changing carbon dioxide gases. But, 10 Northeast states have signed up in a regional compact called "RGGI" (Reggie) the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, to set mandatory caps on carbon emissions on power plants and a cap and trade program to help industry meet the reduction goals.

For a tutorial on the economics of Can and Trade, check out this video blog from last month.

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