Thursday, July 19, 2012

With BH Honey, you can judge a book by its cover. 

Bh Honey Review

First impressions

Great packaging, best I've ever seen for Honey. Cool and modern but not oppressively so. The square-shaped jar is quite unique and speaks to foodies, design geeks and just about anyone who might be willing to spend $20 for 12 ounces of honey.  

The Smell test

Smells like honey.  This may seem obvious, but far too often commercial honeys can smell too pungent  or too "sweet" thereby changing the flavor profile of 1) the product and 2) whatever it's sweetening.  Thankfully in this case, the Bh Honey has the perfect amount of "sweet, sunny" taste and it won't leave your senses overloaded before you've even had a taste.

Bee nice and Show Me the Flavor!

Flavor alone is superb. Vaguely, mildly spicy. Tastes like honey is supposed to taste which is increasingly rare is a world where infusions, blends, and artificial aromas are increasingly used to "tempt" our over-stimulated palate.

When used in a steaming cup of Lady Grey black tea, Bh Honey enhances the taste without altering the flavor profile of the hot black tea.  Nice sweetness, not too perfume'y, floral or spicy.

Likewise Bh Honey went superbly with Tazo Passion red hot herbal tea.  The flavor and sweetness elevate the fruitiness of the tea for a pleasurable cup.  Bh Honey's mild, smooth fruity taste is most apparent with this tea.

Other stuff

This delicious honey is trucked in from the Pacific Northwest which is rather unfortunate in terms of Carbon Miles.  With foodies looking increasingly locally for their wares, I'm afraid this product's 3,000 mils journey does not comport with that vibe at all.   For me, this is worth a few demerit points. 

The website for Bh Honey is pretty cool.  Gives off a very "West Coast" sensibility. Not very current with their blog.  On the plus side, the website offers up a good range of gear for first time bee keepers.  

The Conclusive Buzzzzz

Tastes great. Looks great.  My tendency to purchase would come down to price point and (perhaps more importantly) how is was merchandised. 

With its sleek packaging and superior flavor, this honey should stand out for the right reasons.   

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