Sunday, October 09, 2011

With less than a month until election day, is trouble brewing within the Republican ranks in one of NJ's most closely watched races?

Apparently Vince Polistina's nasty campaign style is too much for even his running mates to handle. So they ditiched him according to the Press of AC they ditiched him:

Republican Assemblyman John Amodeo said that...he and his Assembly running mate, Chris Brown, separated their campaign from that of their state Senate running mate, Assemblyman Vince Polistina, because of a disagreement over the negative tone.
Says Assemblyman Amodeo, "after a period of time I brought on my own consultant because that's not the direction I wanted my campaign to go in."

Polistina is running against incumbent Democrat Jim Whelan to represent NJ's newly reapportioned 2nd Legisltive District.

Here's the real deal on Vince Polistina: policy wise he's a political lapdog. When he's not following Chris Christie around Trenton like a lost little man-child, Vince Polistina and his engineering firm are down in South Jersey suckling off the taxpayer's teat to the tune of over $6.6m!


So notwithstanding corrupt republican Vince Polistina's "scorched earth" campaign tactics, is it any wonder even his fellow Republicans want nothing to do with him?

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