Monday, February 12, 2007

News Roundup

  • Congressman Rob Andrews has added his voice to the growing chorus warning against the drumbeat of war against Iran. More and more it seems inevitable that Bush is gonna take us down that road again....just listen to the rhetoric.

  • One Atlantic City casino worker likened the smoking demi-ban which allows cigarette smoking in 1/4 of casino floors to "being told you can only pee in the shallow end of the pool."

  • Did you know that the only politician in the state prohibited from "double dipping" is Governor Corzine? As it stands 19 legislators in Trenton have another government job such as mayor, freeholder or superindentent.

  • From the WTF/OMG files (via the Press of AC):
    The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission is reviewing the plan to dispose of the low-level radioactive rocks and dust by burying it and capping it with dirt, grass and stone. If approved in October 2008, it would become the first official nuclear waste dump in New Jersey.
    How are those solar panels looking right about now?

  • Tomorrow night progresives will come together in Marlton for a school board meeting to discuss the teaching tolerance of gays in NJ public schools. So long as my homo tax dollars are good enough for state coffers, then teaching diversity to students is an imperative, IMHO. Won't you join us tomorrow at 8pm? (DeMasi Middle School, 199 Evesboro-Medford Road in Marlton.)

  • And finally, a breath of fresh air from BurlCo. for gays and lesbians looking to go to the middle of the bus. Newly minted Burlington County Surrogate George Kotch wants same-sex couples to know he will do the (civil union) honors. “Call me at the Surrogate's Office and, quite frankly, I would perform them wherever they want,” Kotch said. “It's part of offering a public service to the people of Burlington County.”
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