Friday, November 25, 2005


Nice to have a long holiday weekend to relax. One project i am tending to this weekend is a little war protest that i hope others will become excited about, too. I am taking little plastic army men and writing the words "BRING ME HOME" on a little piece of masking tape then sticking it onto the little plastic soldier's base.
I have about a dozen plastic soldiers in my coat pocket at all times and place them about randomly wherever I go: one in the produce at the grocery, another on the shelves at the videostore, the restroom at the gas station or a restaurant, and so forth. This seems like a mindful form of protest, butI have to admit I get a bit of a high from doing it. I hope that people will find these small toys with their message, and they'll get to thinking. that's really the modest goal of this for me.
i bought several 100-toy bags of army men at the dollarstore and my friends andrea, peter, brian as well as my boy greg have helped me out a great deal by taking a few dozen and spreading them 'round a bit. my mother was excited to help too. she took 50 because she says this war reminds her of vietman. we all know how that turned out.
i should note that this is a totally unoriginal idea. i heard a story on NRP about a retired lady in chicago who took to doing this because she wanted to do something to register her discontent. here is a link to her story.

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jay lassiter said...

nice work, son!